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Jack Jones, October 19 2020

6 Things To Say To Reassure Customers During A Global Pandemic

Consumers have had to continuously adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and so have businesses. A recent YouTube video merged a series of "COVID-19 commercials" together and the result is very interesting. 

During these unprecedented times embracing change has been a challenge.  COVID related stress, limited social interaction, and financial uncertainties are a few things that have been circulating the minds of many consumers. In addition, customers are skeptical towards spending money in purchase settings where their lives are at risk. As a result, it has been very important for businesses and global players to reassure their audiences of an excellent, responsible and safe experience. Here are six things to say to reassure customers during a global pandemic.

Reassure Your Customers

1. "We Have Always Been Here"

A fundamental pillar in any business is customer satisfaction. Brands that have existed for decades grew alongside their audiences' needs and desires. Customers who have had excellent experiences in the past could be fearful that, because of COVID, their experiences with the same company will change. The statement, "we have always been here", suggests that brands are committed to the standards they've had in the past. 

Example: Hudson's Bay says, "We've always been there for Canadians". 

2. "We Are Family"

Families are spending more time with each other than ever because of COVID. Businesses that associate themselves as family or show their product in a family setting are appealing to their customers on an emotional level. Love, cohesion, and care are values associated with businesses who treat their customers as family. 

Example: Little Caesars says, "Every family has the right to pizza night".

3. "Especially Now"

Businesses emphasize time in their advertising campaigns to be relevant. Life, for many people, has taken a wild turn and as a result brought about new needs.   Expressions, "Especially now", "now more than ever" and "right now" are examples of how businesses are making their commitment known. 

Example: AT&T says, "We are here for you. Especially now." 

4. "Even If We Are Apart"

Businesses understand that there is gap between them and their customers. The notion of, "even if we are apart", challenges businesses to find alternative ways to connect with their customers. Customers want to stay safe in the comfort of their own homes and conveniently receive products they desire. 

Example: Target says, "We still find ways to stay close, even when we're apart". 

5. "We're Here To Help"

Businesses reiterating their goal to help their customers is very important during these COVID times. Before COVID anyone could simply walk into their favourite stores and get the help they needed. In response, businesses have had to improve their online presence to cater to the needs of their customers. Effectively promoting new, COVID friendly, communication channels will be how businesses succeed in maintaining customer loyalty. 

Example: GMC says, "Buick and GMC. We're here to help".

6. "We'll Get Through This Together"

"We'll get through this together" is an effective way businesses can reassure their customers that the battles fought throughout these unprecedented times are not to be fought alone. 

Example: CVS said, "We're All In This Together"

These powerful messages don't stand alone in being able to reassure customers. They are most effective when paired with visuals and music. The visuals that many businesses include in their commercials tell a story that cues an emotional response. In addition to visuals, businesses have incorporated somber piano tunes that create a feeling and leave a lasting impression on people who listen. 

Marketing a brand during challenging global times brings light to the values that businesses hold. Producing COVID-19 campaigns, from a brand perspective, gives businesses the opportunity to create a lasting impression on their customers while directly relating to their mission and values. As a result, businesses are able to increase their reach, increase consumer brand attitude, and generate positive brand awareness. 

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Written by

Jack Jones


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