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Hey, I'm Jack!

I’m a Canadian born student, 22 years of age, currently living in Montreal. I’ve been pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree specializing in Marketing at the University of Ottawa for the past three years and am thrilled to graduate come Spring of 2021. I am one who values loyalty, support, and trust amongst colleagues, family, friends, and peers. Some of my interests include: art, branding, cultural studies, food, music, reading, sports, and travel.

I created this website to be able to share my interests and passions with a global community. I plan to use this website to promote my skills through creative and insightful posts that will gain attention and help me build my own personal brand.



Loyola High School

Montreal, QC

For 5 years of my life I attended a Jesuit, Catholic school located in the Notre-Dame-De-Grace community of Montreal. Loyola, being a university-preparatory school advanced my intellectual competencies, and my drive to do justice from a young age. I graduated in 2015 with honours and still to this day keep in touch with day one friends and teachers who shaped who I am today.

- Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

John Abbott College

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

Following graduating from Loyola High School, I attended John Abbott College. In two years I completed their Honour's Commerce program that introduced me to various subjects including, accounting, business management, calculus, as well as macro and micro-economics. Upon completion of this program I was certain that I wanted to pursue a commerce related degree at a university level.



University of Ottawa

Ottawa, ON

Upon admittance, I made the decision to attend the University of Ottawa in order to become more self-dependent. Knowing few people at first, I wanted to do the most in order to establish a network. I pitched two seasons for the men's baseball team and participated in intramural sports. In addition, I am a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity where I have held numerous positions including, risk manager, fundraising chairman, as well as merchandise chairman. I am excited to graduate come Spring 2020.