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Student Guide for Writing Virtual Exams

Jack Jones, December 6 2020

My number one tip is to eat well because it’s so important to be well-nourished come time for exam day. Personally, I like to start my day with a healthy breakfast that includes foods like oats and toast. Consuming oats provides you with lots of energy because your stomach takes more time to digest. Throughout the day I’m grabbing dried fruit bars...

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6 Things To Say To Reassure Customers During A Global Pandemic

Jack Jones, October 19 2020

Consumers have had to continuously adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and so have businesses. A recent YouTube video merged a series of "COVID-19 commercials" together and the result is very interesting. During these unprecedented times embracing change has been a challenge.  COVID related stress, limited social interaction, and financial uncertainties...

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How To Build Brand Loyalty and Sustainability

Jack Jones, October 12 2020

I can't imagine that I am the only the one whose ever wished or dreamt about reliving their childhood.  Heck, I dream about it to this day! This post stems from a recent LEGO commercial that quickly had me reflecting on the role LEGO has played on my life and the lives of millions of kids across the world.

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